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Peter Lynn Hornet II

Are you ready for some serious wind-powered action in the buggy or landboarding or just powering up at the local park?

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The Peter Lynn Hornet 2 (II) is available in the following sizes: 2.0m², 3.0m², 4.0m², 5.0m² and 6.0m².

If you're just making your first steps in the world of 4-line powerkiting and you're looking for an all-round kite providing steady power and a predictable flying behaviour, the Peter Lynn Hornet 2 (II) is just what you need!


This is the kite to get into Powerkiting, Buggying and Landboarding. The Peter Lynn Hornet 2 (II) 4-line entry-level traction kite, gives you a perfect blend of easy kite control, power and stability. The refined profile and improved deck shape make the Hornet 2 (II) fly smoother than the previous Hornet. The Hornet II is a kite to do it all, an incredibly versatile kite at an affordable price.


The Peter Lynn Hornet 2 (II) has a grunty feel, with improved stability and ground handling. User friendliness is one of Peter Lynns main focus points when designing a kite, therefore a lot of effort has gone into making the Peter Lynn Hornet easy to set up and just fly!


The overall profile design also makes the Peter Lynn Hornet 2 (II) penetrates the wind window even further making the Hornet 2 (II) easy to handle without losing stability and an excellent choice for entry-level to intermediate kite flyers.


This kite is so easy to fly and it is very easy to get going in a buggy, on a landboard or just flying around at the beach. This Peter Lynn Hornet 2 (II) kite has a great pull per square metre for its size and has got a constant power delivery for its size all along the wind window.


The Peter Lynn Hornet 2 (II) II flies very smooth across the whole wind window with good power control through the rear lines. The power build-up is very predictable and delivers good power to get you going on a board or in a buggy with ease. The Peter Lynn Hornet 2 (II) is very easy to control and you can position the kite exactly where you want it.


Fast - Easy - Setup:
The Hornets flying line and new 4-line Peter Lynn handles (colour coded and foam padded to ensure a soft comfortable grip) are numbered at each end with the corresponding number on the correct pigtail on the kite. This means you'll never connect the wrong flying line to the wrong part of the kite or handle, making it easy to set up your new Peter Lynn Hornet and start having fun straight away!


Peter Lynn Hornet 2 (II) Wrist Leash Safety System:
New easy to recognize left and right kite killers ensures a trouble-free flying expereince knowing you always have the handles in the correct hand and if you get into difficulty releasing the handles means the Peter Lynn Hornet floats gently to the ground, waiting until you’re ready to go again!


Material & Graphics:

Constructed using water repellent Mirai fabric, for the top and bottom skins means you can fly knowing the Peter Lynn Hornet is protected against the elements (including UV) prolonging its life. Graphics on the top and bottom skins means it looks excellent too!


Dyneema Flying Lines & Bridle:

New Peter Lynn colour coded Dyneema flying lines are reinforced with stitched sleeving. All coloured bridles lines are stitched to reduce drag, which ensures your kite always maintains its shape and also prevents tangles when flying.



Reinforced leading and trailing edges, along with the use of heavy duty material on the ribs, makes sure the Peter Lynn Hornet is strong and robust enough to withstand hard ground impacts! Double sewn bottom skin and back-tacked bridle tabs ensure extra durability and strength, making certain the kite is reinforced where it's needed.


Profile & Aspect Ratio:

The D-ribbed centre section of the Hornet increases the smooth, clean shape of the canopy to optimise speed and eliminate distorting without the use of extra bridles. Each size of the Hornet has been specifically designed to keep the same flying feeling and characteristics throughout the entire range.


Velcro Loops & Dirt / Sand Outlets:

The Hornet's Velcro loops makes sure you can easily pack away your kite without the chance of bridles getting tangled. The Velcro outlets at either end of the kite also ensure you can remove any sand or dirt from inside the kite with ease.


All this makes the Peter Lynn Hornet 2 (II) the ultimate all-round fun kite. Each size comes in striking colour combinations with graphics on the top and bottom skin.


Peter Lynn Hornet 2 (II) for recreational use: The Peter Lynn Hornet 2 (II) is great for skidding and jumping and is a great way to getting used to flying 4-line kites. When steering the Hornet in medium winds, you will start to feel the pull of the kite. Don't run forward when the kite starts pulling, just lean back and slide on your feet.


Peter Lynn Hornet 2 (II) for buggying: Jump into a buggy with the Peter Lynn Hornet 2 (II) and you will experience what this kite can do. Whether it be for recreational cruising, freestyle or racing for fun - this kite will give you endless hours in a buggy.


Peter Lynn Hornet 2 (II) for landboarding: Using the Peter Lynn Hornet 2 (II) for landboarding is a fantastic choice to use. With its constant pull with no surprises this kite will get you cruising and sliding along without any trouble whatsoever!


Comes Complete With:

  • Peter Lynn Hornet 2 (II) Kite - Mirai Fibre Sail, kite complete with pre-sleeved bridles.
  • Peter Lynn Hornet 2 (II) Kite Storage Bag - Waterproof style rucksack with zipper and pockets.
  • Peter Lynn Hornet 2 (II) 4-Line Handles - Aluminium handles with soft foam for extra grip and ground stake loops.
  • Dyneema Flying Lines - Pre-stretched flying lines. Colour-coded for safety and ease of use.
  • Groundstake - A must for all power kiting traction activities allowing for quick peg-down of your kite. Complete with groundstake pocket.
  • Peter Lynn Hornet Instructional Manual - Sticker and Keyring.

The Peter Lynn Hornet 2 (II) is available as a complete package in a cool backpack; So if you want to get into the sport and just want one kite to do it all, this is the kite to get your hands on!






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