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Hype - Fun Kite for young and old - 2 line kite

Peter Lynn Hype Fun Kite

Want to fly a kite and have fun. Get a vibe!! 

The Hype was designed to get your kite flying skills sorted quickly, while still remaining challenging for many years to come.

The Hype is perfect for youngsters and adults a like  Check out the video on YouTube.  

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  • 1.9 m
  • 2.3 m
  • 2.6 m
  • 1.6 m

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Never flown a kite and wanting to fly one without the hassle of difficult controls? Get a Vibe! When it comes down to kite flying, the Vibe makes your life easy, giving you pure fun right from the start!




The Peter Lynn Vibe has been designed to get your kite flying skills sorted quickly while still remaining challenging for many years to come.


The Peter Lynn Vibe will appeal to youngster and older people alike, take the kite size that fits your age and weight best!

The Peter Lynn Vibe package contains all you need for many hours of fun on the beach or in the fields!


Easy Handling:

The Peter Lynn Vibe is a great fun kite with easy handling and steering. The kite has a good and direct response to the kite fliers hand movements giving you full control at all times and also gives you a good response to where the kite is flying in the wind window.

The smaller kites are designed so that they turn with very little steering movements allowing the smaller kite fliers among us, to learn and fly the kite with ease.

Constant Docile Pull:

The Peter Lynn Vibe is designed to fly with constant power and a nice docile pull. The kite will not suddenly build up a great amount of power so you can enjoy you kite flying and concentrate on getting your kite flying skills sorted.

Predictable Flying Behaviour:

The Peter Lynn Vibe has a predictable flying behaviour. The kite's turning speed as well as a response on the handles gives you good feedback on what the kite is doing throughout the whole wind window. You will feel in control at all times.


The Peter Lynn Vibe is very stable, it does not tend to luff over your head in remains in shape whatever its position in the wind window. Your kite will fly smooth and give you more time flying your kite instead of trying to recover or relaunch it.


Easy Relaunch:

The Peter Lynn Vibe is designed to relaunch easily from the ground. 2-Line kites are a bit harder to relaunch than 4-Line kites. The Vibe though has been designed to relaunch quickly and easily for a 2-line kite, so you can spend more time flying!



  • Low Aspect Ratio - for easy handling and predictable flying behaviour
  • Crossvented Profiles - to ensure the complete kite easily fills with air improving stability and relaunch
  • Minimised Bridle - to reduce the chance of bridles hooking behind each other
  • Rock Solid Construction - combined with specifically chosen materials for top skin, lower skin and profiles to ensure maximum durability
  • Velcro bridle loop to minimize the chance of bridles getting tangled when packing the kite.

Includes kite, storage bag, flying lines, straps, and instruction manual.

Dave L

Very Happy.

Got myself the Vibe II 1,9m and it is great fun. The quality is excellent and I am very impressed with this kite!

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