Swell Wave Kite  2014 - Peter Lynn Maximize

Swell Wave Kite 2014 - Peter Lynn

Available sizes:

5m, 6m, 7m, 9m & 12m 

Durban Clients please contact 

5m in Orange Blue Only

This is no ordinary swell, it is inbound on coastlines around the world.

It let’s you passionately pursue the ultimate barrel ride and endless down winders.

This Swell is the new Peter Lynn wave kite! Check out this sneak peak of the third LEI kite in Peter Lynn’s product range.Our goal when designing this kite was the ultimate.

 We at Peter Lynn are convinced we nailed it!

Swell. Ride like never before

More details

  • Orange Blue
  • Black Sea Blue
  • Red Grey
  • White Berry
  • 12 m
  • 5 m
  • 6 m
  • 7 m
  • 9 m
  • Kite Only
  • SL - Bar and Lines

Availability: Ex-Stock

 We wanted a kite that will allow you to fly a size smaller than the competition.

That one kite that does exactly what you want and responds immediately to your every steering input, even when fully depowered! A kite that feels lively yet incredibly stable, has a gigantic wind range and drifts unlike anything you ever seen before.

A kite that has super smooth and on demand power regulation and enables you to focus on your riding more than ever.

 Peter Lynn Swell Kite

• Rigid 3-strut SLE, medium Aspect Ratio design
• Low Friction sheaveless Ronstan® Shock pulleys
• One pump easy setup
• Multiple trimming options for customized bar
pressure and steering
• Reinforced & crash proof construction
• Efficient & durable wingtips
• Direct connection struts
• Trailing edge reinforcements
• Extremely durable canopy
• Extremely powerful for size
• Rock solid stability
• Smooth on demand power regulation
• Designed for maximum drift
• Lively & responsive even when depowered
• Easy jumping, great float
• Fast & easy water relaunch
• Medium bar pressure, connected feel
• Gigantic wind range


Hit the surf like never before with the Swell, a 3-strut
SLE that brings the best characteristics together in one:
stability, responsiveness & depower.

The Peter Lynn Swell is designed to give you the
responsiveness and manoeuvrability of a wave style kite
and combines it with great stability and smooth drift that
allows you to focus on your board rather than on your kite.

The Swell’s reliable & predictable flight is perfectly suited
for waveriding. The kite’s lively and responsive character
allows you to ride a wide variety of conditions and its
amazing power for size allows you to bust out some
freestyle moves as well.

Add to this a gigantic windrange and great power
regulation and you end up with an incredibly versatile kite
that allows you to accelerate your riding with confidence.

In surf conditions the Swell’s depowered manoeuvrability
helps with balance and stance. By being able to put the
kite where you want it and get the exact amount of power
you need, you can drastically reduce the pressure on your
board which allows for a better board ‘feel’ and more

Whether you’re a freerider, strapless surfer or seasoned
waveriding veteran, if the ocean gives you inspiration, the
Swell will be the choice for you.




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